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About Us

As a third generation florist we have the knowledge and experience to create your most perfect wedding flowers. We design bridal bouquets, buttonholes, centerpieces, flower installations and much more, the sky’s the limit. We can cater to any size wedding from something intimate with just a bouquet and buttonhole to getting the whole team involved and dressing a whole venue with beautiful flowers.

Wedding work can be hard work but it is the most rewarding part of our jobs, we are always excited for the next big day! Every wedding is different and no two are the same, we really love that and that is what makes our wedding service so personal and bespoke.

The Consultation

We book you in with one of our qualified wedding designers and once we have discussed your preferred flowers, colour scheme and other finer details we can provide you with a wedding quotation. This is usually emailed to you later that day so a copy is always to hand.

If you have lots of ideas and reference pictures already gathered for inspiration or if you have no clue where to start our friendly and experienced team will help and guide you through the wonderful, fun and creative process of choosing your wedding flowers.

Your Flowers

We are perfectionists, so when it comes to your wedding flowers we will always make them perfectly beautiful and pay close attention to the details. We do only book two fresh weddings for any same date, this ensures that you will get the best possible service from us and we can spend the time needed on designing and creating your wedding flowers to our high standards.

We highly recommend that you order your wedding flowers months in advance for a number of reasons. It will ensure that your wedding date is available in our booking system. We can pre order the best quality flowers for you. It also gives you a longer period of time to pay for your flowers, if you wanted to pay a little amount each month.

As mentioned above, we always pre order specific flower stems that have carefully been chosen for your designs. The flowers usually come from our Dutch supplier who we have dealt with for over 20 years and built up a very good relationship with.

A few days before your wedding we collect and transport your flowers to our shop, where they are cut, conditioned and stored in a cool place. This process is important to ensure the flowers are in their best condition and stage of development for when we need to make them.

Your flowers are made and delivered to your desired destination on the morning of the wedding, usually three hours or so in advance. Having your flowers arrive in plenty of time for the wedding allows us to make sure that you are satisfied with your order, and if necessary any changes can be made.

Booking a Consultation

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS on getting married, we are super excited for you!!! To book a consultation you may contact us via phone or email and speak to either Johanna or Lucy. Saturdays are generally the best day to pop into the shop, but let us know what works for you within our opening hours and we can book you in! We will ask for you name and contact telephone number along with your wedding date. The rest of the details we can discuss at the consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! You may call us on 01633 263577 or email us at [email protected].


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